How the Beads Happen

Years ago when I found clay online – I did it for YEARS before I found it online – I found a few people who’s work I particularly loved. A little while in, I noticed Heather Powers (aka Humblebeads, also one of the previous editors for this blog!) work. Tied to that was the fact that she did clay beads with canes and designed jewellery pieces around them.

In her post she describes how she designs and builds her beads. The process is similar and yet different than mine (and our work is like that, similar themes and larger techniques but the results are wildly different). Have a read, it’s one of the clearest explanations of how to make a “line” of beads I’ve read.


  1. Ella says

    I use bead crafting as a dabbling craft (of which I have several things to dabble in) to Stimulate my major hobbies. Beading is often the one that opens up my mind to focus on whatever I am hoping to achieve. I enjoy it very much and looking to aline with more active crafter.


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