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ginger1.jpgI enjoy making beads…

One of the reasons I began working with polymer clay is because I wanted different beads for the jewelry I was making. I live in a very small town with not alot to choose from for craft supplies and I wasn’t on line at that time. I started goofing around with the polymer clay and fell in love with it. The things that can be done with it are endless.

I try to challenge my self by working outside my color comfort zone. I work very little with red and yellow so I was very surprised about how much I like the beads in the photo. I made 2 sets of each bead shape I put one set of each in my Etsy shop for others to use and then I made the bracelet and necklace in the photos above.

Polymer clay is fun and I highly recomend it to anyone who enjoys working with color. 

Today’s blog post is re-published from Ginger’s blog. Her etsy shop is GingerBellsGifts.

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