Frosty Goodness

frost.jpgNew color?  No, just a new name.  Premo’s Frost used to be known as bleached translucent.

“Considered by many artists and crafters to be the clearest of all the translucent clays, it’s great on its own for layered applications and faux stones, and is especially useful in mokume gane, transfer techniques, and faux techniques such as “amber” or “dichroic glass.” This unique clay is also reactive with black lights, especially when mixed with fluorescent colors.

It resists ambering (discoloration) and plaquing (mooning and spots).” (Quote from the Dick Blick website)

I have read that it can have a slight bluish tint, so experiment with it first!


  1. Sharon B. says

    Heather, where did you find the image for the 2 oz. package of Frost? As far as we (folks at PCC) can tell, it’s only sold in one pound packages.


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