Flickr Finds from the Craft Gossip group!

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Did you know that there’s a Flickr group for Craft Gossip?  These are some of the recent polymer clay treasures featured there.

Click here to go to the group.  Join it and share – we love seeing your creations!

1. Focal Flower Bead Series, 2. rainbobud1, 3. Sparkle Berry Pendant, 4. 1_2, 5. Scroll, 6. Mardi Gras Clown Pendant, 7. P1187730, 8. pink, 9. Zigzag Necklace

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    Of course I knew that there is lots of polymer clay inspiration over at Flickr but I didn’t realize Craft Gossip had a group over there. Very nice collection. Will have to go see what other beauties you guys have posted over there!

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