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I’ve never really tried polymer clay filigree – caning has been “my thing” so far – but I’ve seen some absolutely beautiful works done with it and here are some lovely examples of Christmas ornaments done with it. The first, above, is Starless Clay’s ornament in her Etsy shop. She has many more.

Some other examples include a lovely cream and gold one from KaydensKorner and a sweet faux ivory one from MandarinMoon.

Instructions on how to make a filigree egg can be found in this tutorial. Simply stick your filigree to a regular glass ornament and away you go!


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    Thanks for featuring one of my ornaments!

    That was the very tutorial that I first learned filigree from. :)

    Here are a few additional tips of my own:

    The base sheet on your ornament or egg may show through a little in some places, so match it to the colors you’re using. Scrape out your clay gun between extrusions, and recycle the scrapings as part of the base layer.

    Build a clay gun pusher- this will really speed up the process and save your hands from strain. I followed the instructions about 1/4 of the way down this page to build a “bellows” type pusher: I’ve been using it for over a year, and it works great!

    400 grit sandpaper is too coarse for filigree- I start with 800 and use a light touch even with that. It also looks nice unsanded, with a coat or two of sealant.


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