Faux Ceramic Pendants

ceramic13.jpgLooks just like the real thing!  Using liquid polymer clay and a colorant, this is a simple project for any skill level.  This would be great to use with vintage buttons to add texture. 

Not to jump to far ahead, but you could use the new lightweight polymer clay from Sculpey with reds and greens to make some beautiful Christmas ornaments. 

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    Hi Holly,
    you can find texture sheets at polymer clay express, they also sell them at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I didn’t write the article, so I don’t have exact sources. Also, try looking around at things you have at home, old buttons, vintage hardware, you’ll be surprised at what you can use to create a texture.

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    Thanks! I’ll try PC Express, since I haven’t seen anything like those at our (small) Michael’s and we don’t have Hobby Lobby here.

    And I’ll definitely keep an eye out for textures close to home!

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