Faux Amethyst

I have to admit I have a bit of a bias for amethyst. It’s the birthstone for February and I am a February birthday. Valentine’s Day in fact is my birthday. So I’ve received my share of amethyst themed gifts over the years. Polymer clay is a great materials for faux stones though the clearer, more crystal like stones are obviously more difficult to make with just poly clay. Despite that I went and rounded up some examples of faux amethyst. If anyone knows of any other examples – or tutorials – I’d love to hear!

Myself, I’ve made a foggy faux amethyst with a bit of plaque-y fimo art translucent, the tiniest crumb of purple and some good sanding. It turned out a little like the little faux amethyst art doll face here. She includes some notes on how she made her faux pieces. Another interpretation is this faux agate-like amethyst from Blessed Bead Jewelery. The above pictured piece is a whimsical faceted one from UnaOdd.


  1. Judy Perry says

    I think if you used the translucent polymer clay with just a touch of purple, you would get a bead that looked more like amethyst. Here is the recipe I used in the past. Haven’t done much polymer clay lately, but I am starting back into it.

    Amethyst (Fimo):

    ½ block OO Art Translucent
    1/32 block #6 Violet

    ½ block OO Art Translucent
    1/16 block #6 Violet

  2. Karol B. says

    My Birthday is Valentines day also. I am glad to find fellow Valentine babies. Sometimes I love that my birthday is Valentines Day and sometimes I wonder if people would remember my birthday if it was another day.

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