Fall Harvest of Polymer Clay

Fall Harvest of Polymer Clay

Here is a weekend’s worth of Fall inspiration for you!  Click on the picture to look at the amazing work of these artist up close.  

We are in the middle of fall,  with the leaves changing colors, turkeys on sale at the grocery store and maybe a few extra hours to play with our clay since it’s getting colder outside! 

leaf38.jpgLeave Ornaments from Polymer Clay Central.  This would be a fun and easy project to do with the munchkins.

A shaded leaf cane from TooAquarius, try it out with a brown outline and orange and yellow for instant fall foliage.

Gold and Silver Leaf – watch the video from Polymer Clay Productions on using this material.

Flickr Photo Credits:
DSCF0001, 2. bali earrings 001, 3. Gloribes Fall Arrangement11, 4. polymer clay bead set with brown leaf #2, 5. Leaf Necklace 431, 6. Crafting 365/ Day 23 – You Are My Sunshine Pendant, 7. Asian Lace Pendant, 8. leaf pendant, 9. Pumpkin Ponytail Holder, 10. OOAK Sculpted Fall Flower bowl, 11. Amber Harmony Bracelet, 12. Harvest Joy Necklace

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