Earth-Friendly Ways with Polymer Clay

oceantrio.JPGI know Polymer Clay gets a bad rap on earth day, so do cars, but most of us drive one.  So how can you be green and a polymer clay artist?

Reuse, reduce and recycle – clay that is! 

*There shouldn’t be any waste in your polymer clay studio.  All raw clay can be reused.  I sort my scraps by color when I’m working and either use them for organic-looking canes or mix them together for new colors.  (Keep your clay covered to protect it from dust and stray hairs.)

*Mud? What happens if you mix too many colors and end up with something that looks unmentionable?  Fear not, that clay can be used for the base clay in your projects, cover it with canes, new clay or paint over it.

*All my ugly beads and projects end up in the hands of my children who use them in their own creations.  Have a pile of beads you aren’t going to use?  Donate them to a local classroom or Sunday School teacher.

*Be safe – cook your clay in a clay-dedicated toaster oven, in a well-ventilated room.  Never burn your clay.  Wash your hands thoroughly after working with clay or wear rubber gloves.

*And hey, who hasn’t covered an altoid tin with polymer clay – that’s green baby, all the way!  You took trash and made it into something useful and beautiful. 

Polymer clay crafters have been repurposing household items and cast-offs by decorating with with polymer clay for years and years!  They give these items new life and that means less stuff in landfills.

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    Great stuff! Thanks for posting these ideas. Rings & Things is always looking for ways to promote “greenness” in the bead/craft world, and you’ve just given us a nice bunch of new ideas.

    Keep up the good work!



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