Don’t You Just Love Polymer Clay?

In the hands of 12 different artists, this chameleon clay is yielded into each artist’s vision.  12 different color palettes, 12 different directions.  Stamped, painted, sculpted, caned, molded, the possibilities are endless.  What’s not to love about a material that can become anything we imagine?

Flickr Photo Credits:
graybluegreen-heart2, 2. Faux Ivory Heart Pin, 3. old golden heart1, 4. Love, Sweet Love — mini sugar cookie earrings, 5. XOXO Magnet Set – Shades of Pink Detail, 6. winged love box, 7. heart ball1, 8. Shrine-Bent But Not Broken, 9. Hearts, 10. Bloom Heart Pendant, 11. Home Blessing – Heart, 12. tejae heart-flower

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