Doll-making Tips

dollmaking.JPGA few random doll-making tips:

1. Study human proportions; hands, feet and heads are the most common parts to have either too large or too small.

2. Use oil paint mixed in with liquid polymer clay for facial features.

3. Have a piece of scrap clay to rub between your hands, fingers and on your work surface to pick up any stray dust or hair before you start each session and often while you are working.

4. You can paint over the polymer clay completely if you want a painterly or matte effect to your doll. 

5. Add a rosy glow to the checks with a little blush on a q-tip. (I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a collection of blush that I no longer use.)

6. Study sculpture, art history and traditional doll-making books for information on sculpting the features of your doll.

7. Bookmark this page filled with the mother-load of online doll-making techniques.

8. Have fun and don’t worry about creating something that is perfect.  Enjoy the imperfections, from now you can call them personality!

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