Deck the Halls

Join me for a week of free holiday polymer clay ornament projects featured on the web. Here are two to start with that repurpose holiday decorations you may already have stashed away:

meltedsnowman.jpgA “melting” snowman over a glass ornament.  Good for those of us in the South that only get to see our snowmen in melted form!

bulbornament1.jpgA bulb ornament with clay covering an old Christmas light bulb.  Cute project and great for beginners.

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  1. […] For example, these pins are one of the pics I just tossed up to Flickr. They’re a few of the small pieces I made this year and last, on some of my hangtags. They’re some of the stocking stuffers on my table and my daughter helps assemble them. The little snow guys are based on combos of Carolyn’s snowblobs and Heather Powers sweet little snowmen pendants. For an added treat, Heather blogged a whole weeks worth of clay ornaments! […]

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