Meet CDowdle Designs

1. So, introduce yourself to us!

So here I am!

My name is Cindy Dowdle-Schoen. My company name is CDowdle Designs and my blog name is Purple Froggie Clay Stuff.
I have been doing polymer clay for a year now. I have an Artfire shop and a Flickr Page. I also have a Facebook page. (links listed below)

2. Why do you work with polymer clay? & 3. Do you have a favourite technique to use?

I really like sculpting with clay, the ability to mold and shape and manipulate the clay into the shape that I want. It’s very relaxing to me. I can spend hours working on something and never get tired of it.

There really isn’t much of a theme that appears over and over, other than I really think that secretly I like green, because I got to looking at all my work the other day, there is quite a bit of green. HA! And here I thought my favorite color was purple.

CDowdle Designs on ArtFire
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On Flickr
Cindy’s blog

Sorry for the lack of posties this week! I’ve been enjoying a few days off at my mom’s place which is way out of town. I thought I had scheduled entries for the whole duration but it turns out… no, I hadn’t. I’m back and posting! Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and is looking forward to a new and clayful year.


  1. Missy says

    Hi, My name is Missy, and I am becoming a Suzie Homemaker-aholic! I have turned into something/someone else when it comes to crafts and homemade items. Several people and events have influenced me recently in different positive ways. I have joined Operation Write Home to make cards for our deployed troops to send home to loved ones. My most recent endeavors involve bath salts and sugar scrubs as gifts. I am also currently making scarves. Rosaries and jewelry are also in my repertoire. For the recent holidays, my family has enjoyed homemade bread, homemade pecan pie (hubby and I picked the pecans for it), and other homemade goodies. Sigh…in a few days I go back to work, so will have to wait for Mardi Gras holidays to evolve back into S.H. I really HAVE to give her (Suzie Homemaker) a Cajun name.


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