Color Tricks

expandedcolorwheelvariation.jpgYes, I’m on a color kick this week!  Here is another page of color tips & tricks from Scupley. 

You might want to try these color mixing tricks to achieve different common color palette variations:

Autumnal colors add ecru or gold.

Desert/Southwest add ecru.

Beachy add equal amounts of white & ecru.

Jewel tones add tiny amounts of black, purple or blue.

Pastels add lots of white.

Metallic add silver.

Vibrant/tropical add fluorescent pink or yellow.

(these are from the Sculpey link above.)

Start off by mixing your basic colors and add the above to achieve the different palettes.  Color mixing is so much fun, I could spend a whole day just playing with colors!

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    Great info! I also love playing with color. I’d love to have a bigger image – when I clicked the link, it took me to the main page of the Polyform website and I searched, but could never find the color wheel. Would you mind giving a little more detailed instructions on how to find it?

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