Color My World

stripes.jpgPoking around Polymer Clay Daily tonight I ran across the Color Stripes blog.  Is it wrong to love a blog, my heart is a-flutter?  She takes these awesome inspiring photos and translates them into little color palette stripes, hence the name.  Scroll away and get out that clay to start mixing some amazing and new color combinations.  Guess what I’m doing this weekend!

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  1. Rosanne says

    Now that IS a great blogspot. It can be applied to all manner of beady things. I see you doing lots of clay mixing, but for us who aren’t so color savvy, it would be good for mixing all our different czech beads that come in so many colors now. Thanks for sharing that blog!

  2. Vicky says

    I love her site too, the way she make the colors exactly the colors in the pics is wonderful. I like to look at the pics and when I see one I really love, look at the colors to mke pc beads that I know will turn ou great. Vicky

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