Clay Freebies Out On The Net

In poking around the polymer clay blogosphere, you can spot a few freebies:

  • At Etsy Giveaways there’s a clay item up! Check it out!
  • A technique video is up for viewing at Cindy Lietz’s Polymer Clay Tutor
  • Alice, a tremendously talented caner, offers a free 20 minute video when you sign up for her newsletter. Give it a boo! She’s incredibly sweet as well
  • The monthly PCAGOE challenge is up. You can vote and win a prize as well as see some lovely work from current prolific clayers


  1. Gianna says

    The Polymer Clay Tutor video tute is a twist on Cindy’s Easy Skinner Blend (aka the “Lietz Teardrop Blend”.) The technique is called the Teardrop Blend Shift. It’s a smart idea, really cool; the video quality is excellent. It’s free at this post today– . You’re merely asked to leave a comment after watching…sounds like a great deal to me!

  2. Gianna says

    I should have properly formatted the link above, but I thought it was moderated & didn’t bother–sorry about that! Here it is as link text, Cindy Lietz’s Teardrop Blend Shift technique. See this video tutorial right away…it’s free for only a limited time…

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