Clay Community

As I feel my way around here the first month I’m hoping to set it up so there are a variety of ways for everyone in the polymer clay community to get themselves featured. I’ve always valued the generousity and creativity of the polymer clay community so I think Sundays I will write quick plugs of what’s going on!

To get us started:

  • Iris Mishly‘s long running blog has been a source of news and chatting for clayers for a few years but her latest project, the Polypedia, turns a year old this month – check out the giveaway she has going on to celebrate! She also has a free video tutorial for a sweet holiday ornament to take a look at.


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    I’m looking forward to reading about the polymer clay community – sometimes (maybe because I’m a bit of newbie) I feel like it’s all so scattered around the internet that I can’t keep up with all the new stuff, so it’ll be nice to come here for news *G*


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