Christi Friesen: The Books Edition

I forgot to get to blithering about this part of my CF class – she talked about her book projects. The awaited Dogs book (the next in her sculpting series) will be in 2013.

And there are children’s books ahead that are structured as “Read It Make It”. The titles I heard were: Harold and the Big Pile of Monsters and Super Amazing Fix It Man Ruins Everything

Most interestingly though is a new series of books Christi is putting out called Flourish. The first in the series will be Flora and she is currently accepting pre-orders for the book (which is slated to be released in December). Why pre-order? Well she’s adding in goodies for the first 200 pre-orders as well as a draw that takes place when the book launches. You can check out the whole deal here.

We knew the Sqwauwk (the critter on the board above) when he was born. Check him out now!

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