Joan, a polymer clayer from the west coast of Canada, has a neat way to use the features of mokume gane stacks and a leaf cutter to create the vein effect on clay leaves (future beads in my case!). The …

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This is a neat one – a bouquet of lovely flower pens to give as a gift for your grads perhaps. The tutorial actually covers how to make your own air dry polymer clay but I’d be using my oven …

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DIY Polymer-Clay-Pansy

If you like pansies these are the way to go for simple shaped flowers! The actual tutorial has a ton of step by step pictures to check out. You can use purple acrylic paint (on raw or baked) or good …

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This tutorial is nifty – summery ice cream AND a review and test of one of Polyform’s newest products, SoufflĂ© clay. I have a little stash waiting for me to turn it into wonderfulness but until then we have this …

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This tutorial by Nisha Rajaraman encompasses some of the bold, vibrant colours you find in Indian pieces and which polymer clay does so well! There are super photographs for each step. I would, from my own preference, recommend anything other …

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Jolene has a great charm to show us – adorable penguins! As Jolene mentions, these are useful as pendants, charms for dust plugs… anywhere that needs a fun little dangle. The larger version of these would just like holiday ornaments …

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Simple but effective designs are always the best tutorials. This one for three different earring sets makes a variety of simple earrings. They even show some colour varieties and you could go from there to create completely custom designs.…

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The nice folks at Sculpey.com and Britta Lautenschlager have this robot project. It says it’s geared towards the kids but I think it would be fabulous for any of us clayers. The tutorial uses original and terracotta Sculpey clays …

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How to quickly make little clay banners. 1. Make a thin strip of polymer clay (SuperSculpey, Fimo...). You can use a roll or a bottle to do so. 2. Give both sides a sort of "S" shaped wave. 3. Tear the edges to give the "paper" a worn look. 4. Now you hav

Well sort of pirate-y which you could play up. Me, I’d probably add this to the next polymer clay business card holder or plaque I make because it adds a little attitude.

Even though the whole tutorial shows in the …

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Here’s a simple tutorial for covering flatware and little household items. The author covers how to make the canes, the pattern sheet to use and some steps on how to bake it. I would probably just bake this nestled in …

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This tutorial is pretty straightforward but also one of those easy to customize for your dad things. Add details or colours he likes, write a favourite quote. Give it with a few fun contents in it – candy, a new …

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There are pretty much as many ways of covering pens with clay as there are pens out there. I usually create sheets, cover the pen barrel and gently repair the edge or add tiny slices to obscure it. The method …

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Nikki shares her wax seal stamp tutorial with us here. She makes a simple innie “stamp” but you could certainly use any other stamp or sculpt a low relief design to use. If I were to use this with sealing …

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This project isn’t for the faint of clay-heart but it makes these great, ethereal jellyfish. The tutorial appears step by step on Agnes’ Flickr photostream beginning here and proceeding a series of photos in the stream. You have the chance …

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At the shop today I was beginning to plan what handmade items to showcase for Father’s Day so it got me going through my notes for clay versions to use online, as well. This tutorial by Amanda Formaro calls for …

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