Here’s a picture tutorial for a tiger skin cane (what got used to make the nifty beads pictured above I’m betting). Animal skin patterns are often fairly straightforward canes to make and are forgiving of reducing and asymmetry. Tiger and …

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Rose canes are one of those canes I make absolute scads of. I usually use a slight variation on the tru-leigh rose and it works well for me. This one is a more tightly wound rose that would look lovely …

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Rose Stud Earrings

When I teach classes for new clayers I always do a variant on this rose to give people confidence. You can make a great little rose bead in moments and if you hate it, squish and try again. Most people …

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This tutorial makes a nice, subtle button – you could get a totally different effect with a bright coloured clay and a white wash – to match your sewing project.…

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This is a how-to for a specific product- in this case Using Lisa Pavelka’s Waterslide Transfers – but the concept is good. Transfers are one of those Great Big Fun concepts in clay and for straightforward no fail stuff… I …

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Here’s a quick run through of how to use an easily available product – Amazing Mold Putty which I’ve bought at Michael’s I believe – to make quick, useful molds.

Minor issues with your pulls can be teased into …

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I love seeing what folks are trying out in clay and even seeing what folks are doing with tried and true techniques. Somehow I find almost everyone puts their very own spin on the work they do, whether they intended …

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Here’s a simple tutorial for covering flatware and little household items. The author covers how to make the canes, the pattern sheet to use and some steps on how to bake it. I would probably just bake this nestled in …

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There are pretty much as many ways of covering pens with clay as there are pens out there. I usually create sheets, cover the pen barrel and gently repair the edge or add tiny slices to obscure it. The method …

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This project isn’t for the faint of clay-heart but it makes these great, ethereal jellyfish. The tutorial appears step by step on Agnes’ Flickr photostream beginning here and proceeding a series of photos in the stream. You have the chance …

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Heather Powers – who makes luscious beads over at Humblebeads and used to be the editor for this here blog – has an online class coming. It’s called the Art of Color and it will be a bit of a …

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Clay goes so well with all sorts of other tools including stamps, inks, paints and powders and it’s fun to see what crafters from other mediums do with them and clay. Chrystel pulls out a little of her stash of …

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Using molds creatively is a great addition for your polymer clay toolbox. Rebecca, who makes fabulous beads, shares how she uses a mold to make both the innie and the outie of a bead… and then combines them to form …

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A series of fun bracelet making projects, ostensibly for the kiddos but the techniques work great even for adult projects. These projects all introduce important construction options with polymer clay – the use of various materials for armatures and …

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Sculpey.com shares another project: a sunflower necklace or brooch designed by Eriko Page. The flowers use a nice caning trick and there’s even a little mica powder to add a touch of bling.…

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