Carving Your Polymer Clay

Texture plates

In my search for textures and stamps to help with giving my clay a little oomph I’m faced with the realization that I will probably end up having to make my own. I’ve participated in a texture swap and made the obligatory couple of little clay molds over the years. And that’s about it.

2012, I’m bringing myself up to speed on how to add this extra dimension to my repertoire. Which means I’ve been scouring the net for instructions and lessons. Celie Fago is one of the masters of polymer clay art and her work often incorporates a textured feel in it. She describes how she carves her own texture plates here and here.

The image at the top is a lucky find on Flickr by another talented clayer – Laura Tabakman. She made these with a different method than Celie’s so do click the pic and head on over to read about it.



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