Basic Clay Storage

Clay in Boxes

Somewhere along the line, you may begin to accumulate a lot of clay. Since I no longer live in the city I tend to stock up when I luck out and get to visit a Michaels. Or I order scads online. Which means I have lots of lovely, unopened 2oz and 1lb blocks of clay. These days, they live in clear plastic shoeboxes in my studio so that I can get a quick glance at my Premo Yellows or my Fimo Effects. They used to live in a larger box but they’d mix up. This way they’re neat, even if not all lined up by stock number as my partner would like. I got these shoe boxes at the local hardware store.

I found that I’m not alone in liking clear boxes for storing basic elements – Alice Stroppel talks about some great boxes she found for storing her projects.

Note: This is how I store my new, not opened clay. These specific boxes are not compatible with raw clay so I store my opened packages in zipper bags or in other types of compatible plastic boxes.


  1. Alice Stroppel says

    Elaine, thanks for the link to my post about plastic boxes. I have to tell you I just bought another larger photo box like that one and I just love them. If fact I’m going to a retreat and have shipped a box off ahead of time with several of the individual boxes backed with preconditioned clay and tools. Once I get there everything will be nice and neat. Okay maybe not neat because we all know what happens to our clay spaces once we get started. But very nice indeed.


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