Bangles, Cuffs & Dangles

The bigger the bracelet the better this season. With polymer clay you can add volume without weight. Here is a collection of some bracelets from flickr to get your creative gears turning.

Polymer clay can stand on it’s own as a bangle, in tiles for a large cuff, pair up with other beads, as a focal or dangles.  You can’t go wrong with a little polymer around the wrist.

A few bracelet tutorials:

Here is a cuff bracelet project

A wire bangle tutorial

And a wire wrapped dangle bracelet

Flickr photo credits:
1. spiral bracelet, 2. DSCN2130, 3. Yellow Rose Garden Mucha, 4. Cab bracelet–skull, 5. Polymer bracelet, 6. bracelet breloques, 7. Turquoise Feather-cane Bracelet, 8. P1010062, 9. Bead embroidered cuff, garnet colorway, 10. Translucent Layered Polymer Cuff, 11. Untitled, 12. jingle bangle, 13. armreifen bangle, 14. Tree Cuff Bracelet, 15. Pulsera All-Sorts

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Click on the photo to see the image larger or on the links to see an individual photo.


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    ohhh – my bangle – thanx – but i saw that quite yet!!! i’m a fan of bangles – i love to wear them so i often produce tehm!

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    I made a cuff & it broke right away. I don’t c how these cuff bracelets can b sturdy enough 2 wear everyday. I used Premo too, soooooo. It was at least 1/4″ thick, Maybe I need 2 put it on a metal base. What cha think?

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    I don’t know if this is allowed here, but I wanted to let you all know that we sell aluminum cuff blanks at; ALOT of folks are using them with polymer clay! If this is deemed inappropriate to comment, please remove or disregard….not meaning to offend anyone with an advertisement, just genuinely want to help….Cindy


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