Artist Spotlight: Christi Friesen

bluebelle.jpgAward-winning artist Christi Friesen has sparked our imagination with her fantastic creatures, other-worldly designs and her openness to share her work and techniques. Christi has won numerous awards, published 4 books and graced many magazine pages with her wonderful and wildly popular projects.

Christi took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to share some her thoughts on her creative journey.

What was your first polymer clay project?

My first polymer clay project was when I was teaching myself how to play with this fun product. I had always sculpted in kiln-fired clays previously, so having unlimited colors to work with while creating (instead of adding on afterwards as glazes) was new and very interesting! Of course, as you know, it takes a while to settle down to a color palette – the first stuff is often made from every color you own. Mine first stuff was – blobs! literally – little blobs of clay with faces and every color possible. They were quite hideous.
Besides a pasta machine, what polymer clay tool can’t you live without?

My favorite tool is a wooden sculpting tool (#JA17, made by Kemper)- if I only had that, I could still make everything I do with it (of course, you wouldn’t want too – more tools are part of the fun!)
What inspires your polymer clay creations?

Everything inspires me! nature, of course, since my designs are all organic. I love the art work of ancient cultures – Aztec, Egyptian, Celtic. And anything at all from the Art Nouveau period – love it, love it, love it!
Oh, and chocolate – that inspires me (especially the creamy dark stuff.)

Would you share a color recipe with us?

One of my favorite mixes is Premo gold and green pearl – a wonderful rich, olivey color that varies by how the ratio of the two colors are combined. I love that color!

To view more of Christi’s work visit her main website or her art jewelry website.

She also has an awesome download page with sample projects.

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  1. Dorothy Hurkett says

    I have made several birds from Christi/s mixed media book and they all seem too big and thick to wear as pins. What is the size of the bird find before its tailed etc and how thick is it? Love her work and thanks for this website.

  2. says

    Hey Dorothy!

    A lot of Christi’s pieces are quite substantial. If you find the instructions lead to a piece that is too large for your tastes, I’d reduce the amount of clay you’re using. If pieces start to look too thin or fragile, reinforce with liquid clay or make sure to use wire for the skeletons.

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