Alcohol Inks & Polymer Clay

inkbracelet.jpgWe’ll start off this post with a free projectfrom Fire Mountain Gem, designed by Tammy Honaman. It’s a great multi-stand bracelet in lovely shades of spring green beads mix with stamped polymer clay charms.

Here is an overview of using alcohol inks from my favorite Craft Goat.

And leave it to Mossy Owl to come up with a handy 10 ways list for alcohol inks and polymer clay.

Here is a little review with a quick explanation on how to use the inks with polymer clay from the Beadcomber.

What have you created with polymer clay and alcohol inks?  Share your links in the comment section!

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    LOL…funny that techniques with alcohol inks should come up. I have another ‘how to’ to add to all of the ones listed. I really want to share how I did it and will do that on my blog come April. I would kinda feel as if I’m breaching a contract if I said ‘how’ here in March since it was just published in the April 2008 issue of PolymerCAFE….Leaf and Branch Toggle Pendants – Tina Holden.

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    Congratulations on the project in Polymer Clay Cafe, I’m sure it’s wonderful and will have to check it out the next time I go to the bookstore.

    I have yet to try the inks, but I’m tempted!

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