Fingerprints – tips to keep them at bay!

layering.JPGFingerprints are the bane of my existence.  I spend a lot of time sanding and buffing my beads to smooth away the offending marks. Each time I think, “why didn’t I just take a minute to get rid of these fingerprints before I put my beads in the oven. “ 

A few ways I minimize fingerprints on my polymer clay creations. 

1. Use cornstarch – a little on the palm of my hand before I roll beads does wonders.

2. Use my finger to gentle rub against the fingerprint to smooth it out.

3. I use my acrylic dowel to roll over a bead to smooth out any rough spots.

Want more?  Clever blogger, Mossy Owl has posted 10 ten ways to reduce fingerprints.

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    that is a great suggestion, if you can stand to wear gloves while working. For some strange reason, I need to have my fingers on the clay to feel like I’m really creating. :)


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