6 Polymer Clay Flower Tutorials


Bring a touch of color into your crafting with one of these beautiful tutorials for a flower made of polymer clay.  Make them into a bouquet of flowers, a magnet, some buttons, a broach,  or just use your imagination to craft any and everything possible.  Once you decide on the color you’d like your flowers to be, the process is fairly quick and easy.  Some of the tutorials make a single flower, and some make a flower cane, allowing you to have multiple flowers of the same design.  Play around with your options and see what kind of beautiful creations you can come up with.


1- Hiacinth Flower from JodiefleurDeco


2- Daisy Flower Cane Tutorial from Georgia P Designs


3- Blue Stitched Flower from Kael Mijoy


4- Sunflower Magnets from Polymer Clay Workshop


5- Spring Flower from Kater’s Acres


6- Fountain Flower Tutorial from Marsdesign


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    The first tutorial is one that must be purchased via Etsy. Maybe it’d be better to put one of the free ones at the top.

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    Hi Bari! While I wasn’t the editor for that post I see she did include a good mix of pay and free tutorials in the round up. I’ll see if she’ll include a note clearly indicating which ones are for purchase only though.

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    I think that’d be wise. It may also be a good idea to make sure the article title is clear that these aren’t free, because I think it’s currently a bit misleading.


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